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Bison Outside Skirt Steak

Bison Outside Skirt Steak

8 oz avg. / pkg
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Outside skirt steaks are taken from a bison's diaphragm muscle, which is usually attached to six of its twelve ribs. Although this cut was once unpopular due to its slightly tough texture, it's recently enjoyed a revival - its firmness makes it the ideal choice for fajitas and Chinese stir fry, among other recipes. It's also perfect for marinades and spice rubs, thanks to its bold taste, which won't get overwhelmed by other strong flavors. Outside skirt steak can be grilled, quickly pan-seared, or even cooked slowly in the oven. Before you serve the meat, you can maximize its tenderness by carving it diagonally against the run of its grain. Make the most of its ability to be paired with loud flavors by serving it with blue cheese, lime, jalapenos, or even vinegar! Fresh green salad leaves will provide a crisp base for the different tastes to work together.At Seven Sons, all of our meat is 100% grass-fed. We never feed our bison hormones, steroids, drugs, antibiotics, or grain - which means our cuts are completely gluten-free. Our steaks are securely sealed and sent to your door in refrigerated packaging for freshness. We work hard to ensure that you'll receive nothing but the highest quality product when you order from our website.