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Bison Filet Mignon

Bison Filet Mignon

6oz avg. | pkg

Also known as a tenderloin steak or an eye fillet, the filet mignon is one of our most classic cuts. It's easy to cook and elegant to serve, making it perfect for date nights or dinner parties. Why not try this bison filet mignon as an alternative to beef? Leaner and lower in fat, this doesn't stop it from being a tasty and substantial steak, which will taste as good as it looks on the plate.

Best cooked medium to medium-rare, our bison filet mignon is an endless list of possibilities. Why not try serving it drizzled with peppercorn sauce, or even sliced into strips for a Chinese black bean stir fry? Alternatively, simply rub your uncooked steak with a mixture of coarse sea salt and black pepper, and sear it on a griddle pan. This will allow the bison's subtle flavor to speak for itself.

Like all our cuts, our bison filet mignon is entirely free from MSG, antibiotics, and steroids. We feed our cattle nothing but grass (which means absolutely no grain feed). When you order from Seven Sons, you can be sure that the meat you'll receive is ethically sourced and deliciously pure. This means you won't just be buying a steak - you'll also be buying peace of mind.