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Bison Hanging Tender Steak

Bison Hanging Tender Steak

5 - 7 oz avg | pkg

Also referred to as the hanger steak, this cut was once known as the 'butcher's steak.' This is because it's so useful that butchers would often keep it back for themselves! Cut from the part of the body known as the primal plate, there's only one hanging tender steak available from each bison - but the versatility of the meat means it's full of possibilities.

Not unlike the bison flank steak in taste and texture, the hanging tender steak can be roasted whole or cut into medallions to be cooked on the BBQ or under the grill. The dense nature of the meat means it holds onto added flavors well, so marinades are particularly successful. Try serving it medium rare - or even rare - to make sure that the steak stays tender and moist.

Our bison hanging tender steak, like all our meat, is free from artificial preservatives and MSG. We pride ourselves on the welfare of our animals and the quality we offer customers. Order a hanging tender steak today and find out why we're so proud of it!