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Bison Filet Mignon Kabobs

Bison Filet Mignon Kabobs

12oz avg | pkg

Looking for something a little bit special? Our Premium Reserveā„¢ bison filet mignon Kabobs are a cut above the rest. Taken from the tenderloin tip - the most tender part of the bison - our Kabobs are lean yet buttery, richly flavored while marinading like a dream.

Each bite-sized piece is a perfect mouthful. Available in packages of 12 oz., each pack will happily feed two - but we're not judging. We know that once you start to eat our Kabobs, it can be hard to share! Try cooking the meat in your favorite spices before skewering them onto your Kabob sticks, alternating the steak with charred red pepper, shallots, and grilled mushrooms.

When you buy your meat from Seven Sons, you can be sure of receiving fantastic quality. No hormones, steroids, MSG, or drugs have tampered with our meat on its journey from the cattle field to your kitchen table. Order with confidence today!