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Pork Boneless Loin Roast

Pork Boneless Loin Roast

2.5 lb. avg. / pkg
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There is no need to labor away at our Pork Boneless Loin Roast. You can consume this cut of meat without needing to work around any bones.Barbecue this product over indirect heat for the best results. We recommend that you avoid stewing or braising it, as these methods can cause the meat to fall apart and lose its tenderness.

To create a genuinely savory final product, try brining it or rubbing it with a homemade spice mixture.People often use loin roast and tenderloin interchangeably, but there are some notable differences to make.

The former comes from the area of a pig that's between the leg and shoulder. Also, it tends to be wider and thicker. We never use GMOs, antibiotics, drugs, or steroids when we raise our pigs, and they're all pasture-raised

We can provide you with an ethically-produced product that tastes good and is good for your health.