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1/8th Beef Box

1/8th Beef Box

142 4oz Portions


You'll get to enjoy a little bit of everything with this great 140+ portion bundle: Steaks, Roasts, Burgers and Ground Beef.

The Seven Sons Farm 1/8th Beef Box is perfect for individuals or families who need help meal planning or are serious about eating nutrient-packed pasture beef every day.

We raise our animals with great care on our Indiana pastures where we've been building healthy soils for a few decades.

If you're looking to stock up, for added convenience, we can even SHIP this customer favorite bundle directly to your front door.


1/8th Beef Box Contains:

(4.5 lbs) Steaks:

  • 2  (8 oz.) Sirloin Steak
  • 2  (10 oz.) NY Strip Steak
  • 2  (12 oz.) Delmonico Steak
  • 2  (6 oz.) Filet Mignon Steak

(7 lbs)Comfort:

  • 1  (2 lb.) Chuck Roast
  • 1  (2 lb.) Rump Roast
  • 4  (12 oz. pkgs.) Beef Meat for Stew

(24 lbs) Ground:

  • 16  (1 lb. pkgs) Ground Beef
  • 4  (1 lb. pkgs.) Gourmet Ground Beef
  • 16  (4 oz.) Ground Beef Patties


(Note: 1/8th Beef Box items were updated 4/3/20 to these items listed above.)


How much freezer space will I need for this Box?

Answer: As a general rule of thumb you should plan for 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 35-40 pounds of meat. (1 cubic foot of space is roughly the size of a full large brown grocery bag.)For comparison sake, our 1/8 Beef Box is 35-36 lbs. So you should plan for 1 cubic feet.

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