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Heritage Pastured Pork Ribs

Are you looking to order ribs for your next cookout? Check out Seven Sons for ethically sourced meat made from pasture-raised livestock.

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At Seven Sons, our St. Louis-style pasture-raised pork ribs are a delicious addition to any barbecue. If you’d like to know more about them, read our post on the differences between baby back ribs and our St.Louis-style ribs.

All our pigs are pasture-raised. We don’t use antibiotics, GMOs, or growth promotants, so you can trust that your food will be high-quality and healthy.

Our pigs can follow their natural instincts and forage for food, and we supplement their diet with non-GMO corn, oats, and soybeans. You can be sure that the products you purchase from us are 100% ethically sourced.

And if you’d like to try something new and different than pork ribs, order some of our beef short ribs or our Frenched lamb rack. Read our recipe on how to make a great grilled rack of lamb.

Our cows and sheep are 100% grass-fed and finished, so you’ll get delicious and nutritious meat.

Seven Sons is committed to providing our customers with ethical, transparently sourced, and convenient products. Find out what you're missing out on by ordering today.

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