Grass-fed Lamb Chops

For the perfect protein experience, look no further than Seven Sons. Our 100% grass-fed and full range lamb chops are available to order now.

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To provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer

Are you looking for a Mediterranean twist to your family dinner? Or do you need an idea to spice up your cookout? Seven Sons Farms offers tantalizing pastured lamb chops to star as your entree.

We sell shoulder, rib, loin, and lollipop cuts all on our online store. Each of them is perfect for lamb chops or popping them right down on the grill. Try each cut individually, or you can order a bundle box to fulfill all of your needs together!

Our pastured animals live peacefully and ethically. They live free and eat only grass until they go through processing and arrive at your door. We keep the quality of our chops consistent, and we work to preserve the natural flavor of each cut of the animal.

You can choose exactly what you want in our online store. We even deliver quickly and efficiently to many homes across the United States. Order your ethically raised food today from Seven Sons Farms!