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Best of Bison Box

Best of Bison Box

25 | 4oz equivalent servings

Torn between the bison burgers, filet mignon, and Delmonico steak? We understand - we are too.

That's why we created our Best of Bison Box: an assortment of our favorite bison cuts, hand-selected just for you.

All our bison is 100% grass-fed. It's the quality you've come to expect from us - and a whole lot of it, too! From our bacon-infused buffalo burgers to our bison meat for stew, this box contains everything you need to cook up a storm.


Inside the Best of Bison Box:

  • 1 | NY Strip Bison Steak (30 Day Aged)
  • 1 | Filet Mignon Bison Steak (30 Day Aged)
  • 1 | Delmonico Bison Steak (30 Day Aged)
  • 1 | Sirloin Bison Steak (30 Day Aged)
  • 1 | Griller Steak (30 Day Aged)
  • 4 | 5oz Bacon Infused Buffalo Burgers (2 Pkgs.)
  • 1 | 12oz Bison Meat for Stew (30 Day Aged)
  • 2 | 12oz Ground Bison

25 | 4oz equivalent servings