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Ethical Pasture-Raised Chicken Organs

Looking to add extra flavor to meals and broths? Our family farm provides necks, chicken feet and liver and much more, see our online store today.

A lot of people can be a bit squeamish about using less traditional parts of meat like the organs and bones. Here at Seven Sons farm, we like to use as much of our animals as possible — we don’t like to waste — and these parts can add great flavor to your meal!

Chicken liver is an easy way to add heaps of flavor to your dishes, so why not use it to make chicken liver pate? You can easily create this delicacy at home. Necks and bones are a brilliant addition to stews, soups and broths because they bring out great flavors and nutrients.

We have a great range of poultry bones and organs to cater to your needs. Our chicken is raised with a regenerative focus when weather and seasons allow, and our chicken is fed with no foreign additives, chemicals or hormones, so you know that you can rely on us to supply healthy, wholesome food.

We guarantee you get great value for money for high-quality bones and organs, and we will deliver to your door! You can also come down to the store, get to know us, and pick up your order today.