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Author: Blake Hitzfield

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Fall on the Farm...What's Happening in the Soil?

Fall in the Midwest is a wonderful time for folks to enjoy cooler weather, bright colors, fun festivals and delicious seasonal meals (and treats) 😁 It's also a wonderful (and important) time of year on the farm. While the grass has been growing robustly all season long, grazing season is winding down. We farmers can be tempted to let the livestock eat the last bit of grass down to the roots before winter sets in.

Farm Life Show (Ep. 07) - Summer Farm Update

It's been a busy 2022 so far. Today Blaine and Blake discuss our decision to start raising 100% Grassfed Lamb, the return of our Farm Tours and big Farm Fest, a Bison update and how we are managed after severe wind damage to our hen house.

Farm Life Show (Ep.04) - 5 Principles of Regenerative Agriculture for your Home Garden

On this episode of The Farm Life Show, Blake and Blaine discuss the joy of applying the five principles of regenerative agriculture to your home garden. The Hitzfields also apply regenerative agriculture principles to farming at Seven Sons, and they share some of the real-world benefits they’ve seen. The concept of regenerative agriculture dates back to the 1980s and largely revolves around practices like minimal soil disturbance and composting. More recently, farmer Gabe Brown outlined five principles of regenerative agriculture in his book Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture. Brown’s book has had a huge impact on Blake and Blaine and comes highly recommended. Here’s a brief outline of five principles of regenerative agriculture — as well as some real-world insights from the Hitzfield brothers.

Farm Life Show (Ep.03) - Migrating 10,000 Animals on the Farm

Summer’s here! And that means we’re just completing one of each year’s biggest challenges at Seven Sons Farms. Moving over tens of thousands of pigs, cows, and chickens from their winter homes out onto 550 acres of summer pastures… On this episode of The Farm Life Show, Blaine and Blake Hitzfield share their humane approach to putting the animals on fresh pasture and share lots of awesome footage along the way.