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Nutrient-Rich Soil vs Nutrient-Depleted Soil

August 23, 2019

"How does soil health impact the quality of my food?"

Well, this is a question we been answering for over a decade of raising grassfed beef here in the pastures of Northeast Indiana. 

Today I will attempt to answer that question by running a "science experiment" of sorts...

In this experiment, I compare our farm's soil with soil that is located just 50 feet from our property!


You're able to see the differences between the two soils and understand what healthy soil looks like, and how healthy, nutrient-rich soil and nutrient-depleted soil "behave" when I handle them both.

You'll also be able to see how each type of soil receives an inch of rain.

The results of this experiment matter for you, your food...and OUR environment.

At Seven Sons Farms, we've devoted over a decade to creating the healthy soil and grasses that our animals graze and feed on throughout the year.

It's a privilege that a small percentage of livestock ever enjoy, but we're grateful we're able to bring this opportunity to them, and to our customers.

It truly is our vocation.

I'd love to hear what you learned in watching this short video. Please join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

With much gratitude,

Blake Hitzfield (the 1st son)

Blake Hitzfield

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