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True Grassfed Butter

100% Grassfed | Non-GMO | A2 Milk
Gently Pasteurized | Naturally Soft | Raised Ethically

In Partnership With
Homestead Organic Farms - Shipshewana, IN

Butter Offering

Sale 100% Grassfed Salted Butter
100% Grassfed Salted Butter
8oz | Frozen Pkg
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Sale 100% Grassfed Unsalted Butter
100% Grassfed Unsalted Butter
8oz | Frozen Pkg
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Butter Buzz

Best butter I have ever had! It is spreadable even when cool, it doesn't have a lot of whey when frying (almost clarified) and has a great taste
Erik Bernth
The butter I received has been excellent, it has a nice golden hue, great flavor and I love how easy it spreads right out of the fridge. Keep up the good work!
...the grass-fed butter's nature and taste from a chef's perspective can only be described as elegant.
I haven't had butter that tasty since I was a child on my grandmother's farm. That was over 50 years ago! We look forward to ordering more in the future.
We bought 36 bricks of your butter, yet I wish I would’ve bought 100! It has a great deep yellow color, incredible creamy texture and just the right amount of salt. My wife, two kids and I ate it a tablespoon at a time, savoring each bite.
Ryan Powell
The color of the butter is gorgeous as a grass fed butter should be and the taste was equally gorgeous. Nice and rich unlike standard butter from the store.

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Raised Ethically

  • Small dairy herd managed in a low-stress pasture environment
  • Low-stress milking process with small-scale hand equipment  
  • Cows maintained at moderate milk production for longevity
  • This extra kindness results in cows that live 2-3x longer lifespans

Naturally Soft Butter 

  • The milk that our grass-fed cows produce in the summer months is high in naturally softer milkfat creating a softer, more spreadable natural butter that's a perfect superfood to add into your diet.
  • The flavor is creamy and the color is naturally golden. 

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