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Marbled Ribeye Steak

Marbled Ribeye Steak

12 oz avg. / pkg
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If you're looking for the tastiest cut, our Marbled Ribeye Steak has it all: delicious marble for a succulent buttery taste, tender texture for a smooth chew, and a great size at 12oz a package. The Delmonico steak is a juicy, thick-cut, perfect for any dinner. The extra marble in this extra special Delmonico will melt into the meat upon cooking, adding an extra burst of flavor.This Marbled Ribeye is best served up medium-rare to medium, which savors its original flavor. There is an infinite number of ways to prepare a Delmonico steak: you can season it and pan sear, broil or grill it. Serve it up with a garnish and potatoes, or any side of your choosing (asparagus, salad, pasta…). The possibilities are endless! With a steak this delicious, the sides are just an afterthought.As with all of our products, our beef is 100% grass-fed, with no added hormones, steroids, antibiotics, GMOs or MSGs. Our meat is 100% natural and ethically raised. Our cattle are free to roam the wide-open pastures. We know you expect the best from Seven Sons, and we tirelessly work to provide that. Our meats are packaged and ready to be delivered to your door.