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Buffalo Bacon Infused Burgers

Buffalo Bacon Infused Burgers

10 oz / pkg
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What's even better than a bison burger? A bacon bison burger, of course! These Premium Reserveā„¢ bacon burgers are made from our coarse-ground grass-fed bison and infused with our hardwood smoked cottage bacon. The result is a deliciously savory 5 oz burger that combines the rich flavor of bison with a subtle smokey kick. It's a true American classic, which we've managed to make even more mouth-watering.

Ideal for grilling as part of your next backyard BBQ - and completely free from gluten, dairy and soy - these burgers provide a delicious filling for sesame seed buns or brioche. For the perfect burger, cook until the juices are running clear, and the meat is well-browned on the outside, flipping regularly. Alternatively, cook on a griddle pan to let the cured flavor of the bacon really shine through. This meal is irresistible served with salad, potato wedges, and melted Monterey Jack cheese.

All our burgers are made from 100% grass-fed bison and contain no animal by-products, so you can buy them with confidence. We never use hormones or steroids, and we cure our bacon without MSG or nitrites. Better for the environment, better for our cattle, better for you.



Bison, Pork (prepared with a water solution containing 2% or less of: Celery Juice Powder, Sea Salt).