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Bison Harvest Sale

√ Always 100% Grassfed
√ Raised in Indiana
√ EPIC Flavor
√ Returning Summer 2020

A True Bison Experience

Did you know that most bison retailed in the U.S. is grain-finished? 
At Seven Sons we raise our bison with the same ingredients that they thrived on for thousands of years: pure grass, fresh air, clean water, sunshine and space to roam wild. 

The result is a rare and true bison experience. 

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We previously ordered from Butcher Box, but I wanted to find a farm closer to home. So glad I found Seven Sons Farms! What a gem in Indiana, right where we live! Everything we ordered has been amazing quality and taste! Thank you Seven Sons Farms for all you do!
Sally J.
Seven sons is the type of company that I support a hundred and 110%. I appreciate their farming practices, and the people here are genuine and so helpful
Rebekah F.
The transparency in farming practices, the selection of products, the quick delivery, and MORE THAN ALL THAT the meat quality blew us away!!!
Megan J.

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