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What Are Lectin-Free Eggs?

November 25, 2019

In the past few decades, more and more clinical research has been devoted to better understanding the connection between the foods we eat and the incidence of disease.

There have been several vital food-disease relationships discovered and communicated to the public on the news, in books, podcasts and more. A few familiar such food-disease relationships include:

--> Consuming a diet high in added sugars may increase risk for obesity and diabetes.
--> Some individuals do not tolerate foods containing the protein, gluten.

...there are many, many others.

One such potential food-disease relationship is being championed by Dr. Steven Gundry who suggests foods that most would consider healthy options (e.g., beans, lentils, grains, potatoes and tomatoes to name a few) may be associated with inflammation and autoimmune disease.

He outlines anecdotal evidence and preliminary findings in his book, The Plant Paradox.

In it, he espouses living a low- or lectin-free life, and advocates for the complete avoidance of many foods.

All types of animal proteins are permitted, including eggs; however, savvy consumers who are strictly following the Plant Paradox diet are seeking Lectin-Free, Pasture-Raised Eggs laid by hens that are fed a GRAIN-FREE diet.

This has posed quite a challenge for consumers.

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Where can you buy Grain-Free, Lectin-Free Eggs?

We are fortunate here at Seven Sons to partner with our friends Willis and Isabell Loftin from the Endless Knot Community (EKC) Farm to connect customers with Grain-Free, Low-Lectin Eggs.

At EKC Farm they highly value and understand the interconnected nature of how foods are grown and personal health, as they have experienced the results first hand. You can meet EKC Farm Co-founder, Willis Loftin, in this short video:

We appreciate the love Willis and Isabell are putting into this project and the fact that they are truly pioneers in this area.

What do grain-free chickens eat?

As described in the video above, EKC's Heritage breed hens get about 1/3 of their diet from diverse forages on pasture, 1/3 insects and 1/3 supplement non-GMO feed.

In order to not compromise on the quality of their eggs, the Loftin's have partnered with Kraut Creek Natural Feeds in Ohio to create a grain-free, low-lectin supplemental chicken feed that nourishes their birds.

Low Lectin Grain Free Chicken Feed

This feed is balanced to provide the chickens with the nutrients they need to produce the best eggs that are formulated according to Dr. Gundry’s Yes List (a list of low lectin foods).

Their healthy chickens never receive growth hormones or antibiotics and thus are able to produce the highest quality eggs on the market all naturally.

How do I get Grain-free, Low-Lectin Eggs?

[UPDATE:] We will seasonally offer these eggs in our online store throughout the year. :)

I hope you've learned something in reading this article, or if you are living an egg-less life on the Lectin-free diets, that you've found hope you'll be able to enjoy eggs once again!!

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Blake Hitzfield

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