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A Budget Friendly Way to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Salmon

March 5, 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard how healthy wild caught salmon is. But when you’re trying to feed a growing family on a budget, a meal of salmon fillets isn’t always practical. That’s where a more budget friendly option, ground salmon, comes in. Ground salmon can be a great way to get more of this omega-3 rich fish into your family’s diet, and if you can purchase it in bulk the savings are even greater!

Why you should be eating salmon.

Salmon is one of the riches sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids, succeeded only by flaxseeds and walnuts. What sets salmon apart is that it’s omega-3 content comes in the form of DHA and EPA.

There are many great health benefits to regular consumption of omega-3 rich fish. Such as, a decreased risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, protection for the joints, and a reduction in unwanted inflammation.

Also, Omega-3s, especially in the form of DHA and EPA are needed for brain health. DHA is actually considered to be the most important fat found in the human brain. Studies have shown links to fish consumption with a higher IQ. The fatty acids in fish have also been shown to greatly reduce the risk of depression.

Add all this to a decreased risk of eye related problems such as macular degeneration and a decreased risk of several types of cancer and we see why omega-3 rich fish like wild caught salmon is considered such a wonderful health food.

Why choose wild caught Alaskan salmon?

The FDA has recently approved the sale of genetically modified salmon, but you won’t see the words genetically modified on the label, so if the salmon you purchase does not specify that it’s wild caught you can assume that it’s likely farm raised GMO salmon.

Although some salmon runs come with the risk of contamination from mercury, pesticides, and other pollutants, wild caught Alaskan salmon however leads the way as having the lowest risk for contamination. Alaskan salmon runs also lead the way in being the most sustainable.

When you combine sustainability plus a low risk of contamination, you can see why wild caught Alaskan salmon is the recommended salmon of choice!

These Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes are a delicious way to eat ground salmon!


I made these Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes the other day and they were so good! Even the kids loved them. And the fact that they are super easy to make is just a bonus!

Get the recipe for Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes 


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