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Announcing Affordable Home Delivery in Chicago!

November 11, 2017


Now enjoy FREE Home Delivery on any order of $149 or more!

10 years ago, access to nutritious foods from the farm was a daunting search, and having it delivered was an alien thought. Local food and convenience are three words that are rarely found in the same sentence.

At Seven Sons, producing foods with integrity has been our heritage, and seeing them enjoyed is our passion. This is why I'm so thrilled to announce that our affordable home delivery option is now available to our loyal customers in the Chicago area! This is made possible through our partnership with a family owned courier in Bensenville IL. This courier has been servicing the city since 1978, and will give us the capacity to reach over 340 zip codes in the Chicago metropolitan area. It's fascinating what can be accomplished when the right people and expertise work together.

Click here to check if we deliver to your area!

If you've purchased from us in the past, you likely had your order delivered to one of our neighborhood pickup locations. While pickup will continue to be your lowest cost of delivery we believe the addition of home delivery will offer you the following advantages:

- Provide reduced travel for those that do not live close to pickup locations.
We continue to receive requests to start buying clubs further west of Chicago but we’re at the point where we cannot go much further with the truck and return home in a single day. At this point partnering with a courier seems like a logical next step. 

- Provide a fill-in ordering opportunity between pickup location deliveries.
For quite awhile customers have asked for additional options to receive orders in-between the 6 week delivery frequency. This is especially helpful if you do not prefer to budget for a 6 week supply of food.

- Provide forgiveness for missed order deadlines.
There’s not a week that goes by that someone misses their chance to order and our truck is already on its way which means you must face a 12 week ordering gap. Home delivery will now offer a great solution. 

- Provide a secondary option during inclement weather.
If you'd prefer to not pickup during inclement weather you can now elect for home delivery.

The video below briefly outlines the new program and can help you decide if home delivery is right for you:

Check to see if we deliver to your area here! 

Brooks Hitzfield

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