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Whole Flock Box 128 Lbs

Whole Flock Box 128 Lbs

512 4 oz portions | 128 Lbs

**This Quantity Available for Curbside Pickup Only**

Enjoy a great value and great variety on a our popular pasture-raised chicken in our Best of Chicken Box.

We make it convenient for you to get your hands on our most popular staple chicken items in one big bundle with over 500 4-ounce portions.

Our chicken is raised to the highest standards, getting to enjoy fresh new pastures each day and a healthy diet of wildflowers, bugs, insects, grasses, legumes, worms and a non-gmo grain supplement.

We know our customers are seeking birds that were raised healthy and happy, so that's the only chicken we provide. We partner with small-scale abattoirs who we can trust to maintain a high level of attention and ethical care throughout the entire brooder to harvest process.

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What's Inside?

  • 16 (12-14 oz. pkgs) Chicken Breast
    8 (10 oz. pkgs) Breast Kabobs
    8 (12-14 oz. pkgs) Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
    12 (12-14 oz. pkgs) Chicken Tenderloins
    24 (16-18 oz pkgs) Chicken Thighs
  • 24 (16-18 oz pkgs) Chicken Drumsticks
    24 (16-20 oz pkgs) Chicken Wings
    24 (12 oz. pkgs) Ground Chicken

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