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Heritage Ham Steak (SUGAR FREE)

Heritage Ham Steak (SUGAR FREE)

12 oz / pkg
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Pasture-raised heritage pork naturally smoked and made with wholesome ingredients.

At Seven Sons we’ve always believed that food should be pure, clean and raised ethically. Tasty holiday hams should be no exception! Most hams in the grocery store come with artificial preservatives, fake flavorings, unexpected fillers, and a list of unpronounceable ingredients. We're happy to say that our delicious new natural smoked hams are 100% weird free! And now each ham is portion cut at 12oz. each so that you know exactly what size you're getting every time.❌ No Sugar Added❌ No Nitrites or MSGs❌ No Junk Fillers✅ 100% Weird Free Surprise your family and friends this Easter with a Natural Smoked Heritage Ham from Seven Sons. Or, keep this outrageously tasty ham on hand for convenient everyday meals. Either way, you're winning.Our heritage pasture-raised pork truly sets these hams apart because of the rich velvety melt-in-your-mouth fat that our heritage pork is known for. Our small-scale artisan butchers brine and smoke it traditionally — just enough to compliment the natural character of the meat. Served alongside your homemade sweet and savory side dishes, or cut up into a rich and creamy soup, our boneless hardwood smoked ham makes a versatile addition to your healthy meals.