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6 PK Bison Meat For Stew

6 PK Bison Meat For Stew

6 | 12oz Units
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Bison stew is the ultimate comfort food. Hearty, warming, and rich in flavor, it can be slow-cooked throughout the day for a delicious but easy dinner. For the most impressive results, choose this meat, which has been precisely cut to work well in sauces and stew.

It's often said that the best way to cook bison is 'slow and low.' At around 12 to 16 oz. per pack, this diced bison meat is highly nutritious and dense in texture, which helps it to hold its shape during long periods of cooking. You can even brown the meat first to really bring out its flavor, before stewing it in your favorite recipe. How about trying a mixture of red wine, root vegetables, and crushed tomatoes?

When you order our bison meat for stew, it'll arrive readily diced at your door. This means all you have to do is chuck it into your sauce, and you're all set to go! Our cattle are ethically raised and never fed drugs or steroids - so you can place an order with the confidence that what you see in the picture is exactly what you will get: no antibiotics, non-GMO, and absolutely no MSG.