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5 PK Key West Pink Shrimp (Chem-FREE)

5 PK Key West Pink Shrimp (Chem-FREE)

5 | 12 oz Units (31-35 Count Peeled & Deveined Tail Off)
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The most popular shrimp on the block is the Key West Pink. With sweet, tender meat and mild flavor, it's no wonder that the Key West variety is the cream of the crop. They have a stupendous firm texture that holds while you're cooking them.  

If you're looking for chemical-free and wild-caught shrimp that are harvested by American workers, nothing beats Key West Pink. These critters are caught right off the West Coast of Florida and are known for their beautiful natural pink color.

Even though the color is unique and eye-catching, our team wouldn't want you to deal with the struggle of un-shelling the Pink Shrimp. These shrimp come peeled, deveined, and with their tails off so you can get straight to the cooking.

You can expect 23-26 animals in your 12 oz bag. We will ship them straight from the farm to your door in insulated boxes so that way your order will remain frozen. 

They're perfect stir-fried with butter and salt; enjoy the Pink Shrimp alone or with a side of potatoes!