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4 PK Chicken Thighs

4 PK Chicken Thighs

4 | 16 - 20 oz avg. pkgs

Always a dinner time favorite, Seven Sons' family farm provides you with delicious chicken thighs. Our birds are completely free from any steroid or hormone injections. Each chicken is as juicy as can be.

As dark meat, these thighs are packed with flavor and this is only heightened when they're cooked over a medium flame in an iron-cast skillet, which creates a crispy skin. When added with a little oil, and eventually moved into an oven for 20 to 30 minutes, you are left with beautiful golden brown skins, ready to tuck into. This meat is a fantastic source of protein, ready to be added to your next recipe.

A debate in many households is centered around chicken thighs vs. breasts. While we offer both delicious options at Seven Sons, the chicken thighs include more flavorful fats.  This means you can enjoy a healthier and tastier mealtime and it's all available to purchase today!

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