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Pasture Raised Lamb Bones

Let the spirit of adventure follow you to the kitchen. Buy lamb bones and organs from Seven Sons for a unique, ethical ingredient you can't get elsewhere.

Lamb bone soup is an incredibly nutrient-rich dish all of us can enjoy. It's easy to make in a slow cooker, and it gives a rich, hearty flavor perfect for a variety of stews and soups.

At Seven Sons Farms, we want to make these bones and meat accessible to you for your next meal. They simmer perfectly in your broth to give it flavor and make it healthy. Plus, our meat isn't like anything you've tasted before.

Seven Sons Farms animals are entirely grass-fed and grass-finished. This process means the animals receive a natural grass diet throughout their lives. They live and eat ethically, and the farming practice creates a unique and complex taste for your soup. Not to mention, we never add hormones or drugs to our meat, so you know what you're getting is all-natural.

Buying lamb bones, organs, and other spare parts of the animal also helps cultivate a world without waste. Seven Sons Farms takes preventing waste seriously, and we supply these parts to hold up our commitment to ethical farming practices.

Our online store makes it easy to order lamb bones or any of our other lamb products you may desire. Pick up your order here at the farm, or we can even deliver to you!