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We are Andy and Beverly McDowell and we run a small farm-based new enterprise in Wayne County, Indiana. In a quest to solve certain health problems, particularly digestive, we started making raw fermented cultured vegetables and beverages, based on Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions. Our interest in finding real answers to health problems, coupled with a passion for organic gardening, spawned the Hidden Pond Farm enterprise. 

We raise as many of our organically grown ingredients as we can manage.  We utilize traditional organic buildup practices. But we also employ the broad mineral balance, trace mineral addition and other high brix methods. The result is organically rich, high brix, mineral-balanced food with world-class health attributes.

Our aim is to provide local folks with healthy, tradition-crafted raw lacto-fermented Sauerkrauts, KimChi, Kvass, and Kombucha.  Our state-certified facility located on our farm is perhaps the only one dedicated solely to making ferments in the state of Indiana.  We are able to make our products on site in temperature-controlled chambers for more consistent and high quality products.