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Whole30 Sausage

It can be TOUGH to find Sausages that are sugar-free and Whole30 approved. At Seven Sons, we have sausages that are truly delicious and the best choice for your family.

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Seven Sons has endless options for every beef or pork sausage lover on the Whole 30 diet. Our meat is high-quality and pasture-raised, so it's healthy for the entire family.

You can trust that every cut or ground meat is held to the highest standards and that all of these products will taste delicious throughout the entire month that you're following the plan.

Our sausages are cured without any harmful nitrites, MSGs, or sugar. This makes Sevens Sons' products some of the healthiest options. For trustworthy sausage products, our family-friendly farm has the highest quality inventory.

Save time searching for foods that count towards whole 30 and order them to your door! You'll receive your shipment in insulated containers to preserve the taste and flavor until you're ready to cook. Or you can pick up here at the farm.