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Whole30 Ground Beef

To add extra flavor to your Whole30 meals, try our 100% grass-fed ground beef. We add quality to the dishes you need at prices you can afford.


If you love to make chili and are following a Whole30 diet, we have you covered. At Seven Sons, we add the next-level quality to your dishes that you need, even if you're on a diet. Our beef is ground twice, producing a fine texture and an enhanced flavor over factory farm meat.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality products to all of our customers. Our livestock are raised with ethical standards in mind, never given hormones or steroids. Our cattle are also never fed any grains, all of which are 100% grass-fed.

Our ground beef is packaged and ready to be shipped to your home as soon as you order. We deliver your food in insulated boxes, which ensures your meat remains frozen solid until it arrives.

Whether you buy a large bundle of ground beef or a small package for your family, we are ready to deliver you the delicious whole 30 products you deserve to eat. Shop our store and bring home the highest quality meat for lasagna, burgers, or your favorite chili!