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Smoked Sliced Turkey Breast

Smoked Sliced Turkey Breast

12 oz / pkg
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Smoked turkey is a healthy lean meat that is full of minerals and vitamins. Turkey breast is rich in potassium and zinc. Our smoked turkey breast is a whole muscle and free-range. The birds that we source our meat from are farm-raised naturally, brined with organic spices and herbs, and then smoked over fruitwood.

We recommend using this meat in sandwiches, wraps, and salads. You'll be satisfied with the tenderness of the meat and the rich flavor. 

It's also a great snack food to pack in school lunches. You can make turkey roll-ups by rolling up a slice of turkey and a slice of cheese. This no-fuss lunch is perfect if you want to make sure your kids are getting the right amount of protein.

This product is non-GMO and 100% natural. It does not contain any steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. In our commitment to ethically raised and responsibly sourced meat, we make sure that all our poultry is farm-raised within humane conditions.

Our products arrive in carefully packaged insulated boxes. When you shop with us, you can feel confident that you're receiving a fresh product



Turkey, water, sea salt, cane sugar, spices (black peppercorns, granulated orange peel, bay leaves, thyme, cloves, allspice, mustard seed).