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Smoked & Sliced City Ham

Smoked & Sliced City Ham

12oz / pkg

Our Smoked & Sliced City Ham is just what you need at your next big gathering.

This product comes from the hind legs of our pasture-raised pigs that never ingest any steroids or hormones. Since we only take the meat from well-marbled muscle, you get delicious, tender pieces every time.

A traditional, country-style ham usually comes bone-in and is high in salt content. In contrast, a city-style comes off the bone. The tenderness makes preparation a breeze, allowing your guests to cut and enjoy each bite easily. It's also a healthier option with lower sodium levels.

Additionally, we conservatively season our savory ham. We start by soaking it in brine with sea salt, garlic, juniper, clove, bay leaves, and allspice. Then, we hot smoke it using a blend of hickory and fruitwoods. This process results in pieces that aren't too salty while still having plenty of flavors.

Whether you need a main course at your dinner party or just quality sandwich meat, you're in luck! Try our Smoked & Sliced City Ham today.