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Beef Bacon Ends & Bits (Sugar Free)

Beef Bacon Ends & Bits (Sugar Free)

12 oz / pkg | Sugar Free!

Our 100% grassfed beef bacon tops the list as one of our most novel and delicious smokehouse creations. The crafting process begins with our good friend Greg Gunthorp who brines and smokes our finest beef short plates at his on-farm artisan USDA smokehouse in LaGrange Indiana. Each short plate comes out of the smokehouse with a crisp dark outer covering signifying a robust deep smoke. Each short plate is allowed to cool and is then sliced into thin tender bacon strips. 

Not only does our beef bacon burst with a rich old-world flavor but we're also just as proud of our simple ingredients consisting of only salt and celery juice powder. 

Our beef bacon is perfect for those who want to try a richer more robust bacon experience or for those seeking pork alternatives. Prepare our beef bacon just as you would traditional pork bacon.



Beef, Sea Salt, and Celery Juice Powder. *No nitrates or nitrites added except those naturally occurring in celery juice powder.

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