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7 ½ Dozen Fresh Egg Bundle

7 ½ Dozen Fresh Egg Bundle

(Requires $149 purchase of frozen product)

At Seven Sons we are committed to raising our hens free-range without feeding drugs, antibiotics or GMO grains. As the seasons permit our happy hens enjoy access to fresh pesticide-free pastures! 

Fresh Guaranteed

By the time these eggs reach your door, we guarantee they'll be less than 10 days old. You won't find eggs that fresh anywhere else!

Safe Delivery Guaranteed

Here's the deal, eggs are fragile and even though we are sure to pack them with extra love, we've decided to take precautions a step further. In this egg box, we are selling 90 eggs (7.5 dozen), but you will receive 96 eggs, just in case any break. 

This is further explained, in the packaging video below :)

What does 'Pasture Packed' mean?

This means that these eggs are shipped with the bloom still intact, meaning that they will be perfectly safe to be out of the fridge during transport. This is how most eggs are sold in Europe.

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