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4 PK Pork Collar Steak

4 PK Pork Collar Steak

4 | 12oz Pkg
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The collar steak is a delectable 12-ounce slab of pork. It comes straight from the top of our juicy hog shoulder but has the intense tenderness you'd expect from a cut of the loin. It has a little bit of fatty trim that gives it a stellar flavor profile, and it tastes great; however, it is prepped.

Roast, slice thin and dry, bake it, or sear it for a tasty and uniquely tender piece of meat from Seven Sons farm. Collar steak is well-marbled, making it juicy and flavorful. This unique cut is also known as "pork neck filet" or "Boston butt" and is common in barbecue recipes for its unmatched and intense tastes that we all love. It is one of the better cuts of meat that you can buy for an affordable price.

Our healthy pigs are pasture-raised, and all of our meat is natural and MSG-free. At Seven Sons, we believe in flavorful, juicy pieces of pork that are healthy and affordable for all. Our farm to door process makes it easy to order this or any of our other delicious cuts right to your home, ready for cooking, grilling, or roasting.

Enjoy this tasty marbled pork today by ordering a 12-ounce collar steak from Seven Sons.