4 PK Heritage Hot Dogs

4 PK Heritage Hot Dogs

4 | 10 oz units
Save $1.91

Every one of our juicy and flavorful meats is compliant with our high standards for every cut of meat we offer. They are made to flavorful perfection with wholesome ingredients and cut from our high-quality, pasture-raised hogs. The same premium ground pork you'd buy from our premium packages is used to create our customer-favorite Heritage dogs.

Our dogs are flavored with sea salt, vinegar, and spices, you can enjoy them easily on the grill, boiled or in the oven. Our farm to door process makes it easy to order today and bite down into a true flavor experience now. 

We believe in healthy cuts of pork that meat-lovers can always enjoy. This is why all of our meat is free of nitrates, MSG, artificial preservatives, soy, ammonia, or reclaimed meat scraps. These aren't your cheap commercial hot dogs. This is Seven Sons premium heritage pork, prepped with love and care that only true meat-lovers can give.

Truly anyone can enjoy these hot dogs. Worried about wheat or dairy allergies? At Seven Sons, we serve them wheat and dairy-free. They also don't include any sugar for a healthy alternative. Try our traditional, old-fashioned flavors by grilling up a heritage hot dog from Seven Sons today.

As you've come to expect, these hotdogs meet our 100% Weird-Free standards.



Pasture-raised pork, water, contains 2% or less of: salt, spices, natural flavors (garlic and onion powder), vinegar, cultured celery powder (celery powder, sea salt).