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3 Dozen Pack for Home Delivery (Large Grade A)

3 Dozen Pack for Home Delivery (Large Grade A)

Delivered Safe & Fresh

If you have a family to feed, or just enjoy our true pasture-raised eggs, then you’ll love our package of three dozen large eggs.

This rich source of protein and essential nutrients is a staple in so many recipes. Our package comes with three dozen, all provided by our pasture-raised hens. With all our poultry, we guarantee we never use antibiotics, feeding drugs, or GMO grains.

Because of our ethical and sustainable farming practices, we can assure the quality and taste are unbeatable.

With Seven Sons, you can now use Grade A, farm fresh eggs for baking, breakfast, and anything in between of the highest quality possible. The flavor shines when you make these the star of the dish.

By using them in dishes like omelets or frittatas, the rich flavor of these non-GMO eggs will shine through. Because we ensure that the chickens on our farm are free-range, you can also enjoy any dish you make guilt-free.