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Pasture Raised Duck

Our family farm is proud to offer ethically raised, free-range duck. Browse our online store today, so you can get cooking your new recipes tomorrow.

Are you looking to add new poultry into your meals, or maybe replicate some great European and Asian recipes?

At Seven Sons farm, we are delighted to offer duck as a tasty alternative to other poultry. We are proud to say that, like all our poultry, we raise our ducks with high ethical standards in mind.

Our family’s promise is to treat our animals humanely. There are no GMOs and we don’t administer any steroids or hormones, so you can trust the meat that you're eating and serving to your family.

We are transparent about how we raise our animals, and our order process is simple as well.

Create an account and then browse our online store to see our great selection and try out our great produce today! Visit the farm, or we'll deliver to you.