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Pasture Raised Poultry Bones

Our family harvests Indiana-raised animals humanely and leaves nothing to waste. Check out our online store for bones to use in your next broth!

Bones may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're considering your animal-product needs, but they're incredibly flavorful and nutritious.

Bones are particularly good to have around in the winter when you want soups and stews to warm you up or fight off colds. Bones add great flavor to these meals, and they can be used to make stocks and broths too! While cooking this way can be a long-winded process, it's incredibly satisfying too. You'll have a unique stew that you can be proud of.

Our family farm ensures that all its animals are raised ethically, so you can trust you are eating healthy food.

In addition to using bones for broth, we also sell chicken feet, which are incredibly nutritious, even though they are often overlooked.

We pre-clean the feet, which is just one part of the great service we promise you. Check out our online store today and try for yourself! We can deliver to your home, or visit us at one of our stores.