Pasture Raised Hams

Seven Sons Farms can provide you with the highest quality ham products, all of which are ethically sourced and made from pasture-raised livestock.
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Our goal

To provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer

Whether you need a roast, steak, or pre-sliced ham, Seven Sons has you covered. Choose from our selection of products, all of which have the same high-quality you can expect from our farm-raised meats.

Ham is a leg cut that is cured and sometimes smoked. It's a perfect holiday food, but it's also a great meal year-round! Our sugar-free Heritage Ham Roast is a great option for a large family meal. It doesn't contain any fillers, artificial preservatives, any nitrites, or MSG.

All of our pork products are pasture-raised and finished. You can be sure that all our products are ethically sourced, with no use of GMOs, hormones, or antibiotics on our livestock. Pigs have the freedom to forage, and their diet is supplemented with non-GMO feed.

Regardless of what pork product you're looking for, you can be sure that Seven Sons is the best place to go. Create your account and order today to have your products shipped straight to your door.