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Grassfed Beef Bundles

Looking to place a large order of grass-fed beef? Browse Seven Sons’ variety of bundles containing ethically-raised meat to fulfill your needs.

Can’t get enough beef? We have you covered. We help customers feed their families and backyard gatherers.

This selection from Seven Sons is perfect .

Our bundles make generally more expensive cuts of meat affordable. You can wow your family and friends with an impressive array of tasty beef.

Enjoy anything from bundled jerky to steaks. We have just the cut you’re looking for.

While we provide you with large amounts of beef, we don’t compromise quality. Seven Sons’ ethical rearing practices ensure our animals are treated with respect.

We raise our animals on pastures and practice seasonal accommodation. We never feed our cows drugs, antibiotics, or grains; just grass! This way, you’ll have the highest quality possible.

Perhaps best of all, the ordering process is simple. Just place your order for pickup at our farm, or have it delivered (we ship to all states except Alaska and Hawaii). Place your order with Seven Sons today!

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