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Bones & Organs: Chicken

Seven Sons gives you the best 100% chicken bones. Get it by the pound today at your nearest pickup location or shipped right to your door.

If you love the idea of using every part of a chicken to save on waste, then you have come to the right place. At Seven Sons, we provide you with every useable part of the chicken so you can get the most out of your meat.

Our chicken are raised on pasture where they forage, and then supplement with a NON-GMO feed. But we never administer them with antibiotics or drugs to keep our meat as pure as possible.

We promote animal welfare and are big proponents of ethically raised animals. This is critical to our family's promise of producing the food you can trust.

From chicken feet to chicken soup bones, our farm has you covered. Feet, liver, and bones are great to use in soups, stews, and part of a hearty healthy meal. Our poultry comes pre-cleaned and ready to cook, so simply add to the pot when cooking for a vitamin boost.

On top of all of the above, you can be assured that you'll get exactly what you ordered as our products are shipped in insulated boxes from the farm right to your doorstep.

If you are looking for a delicious and ethical source of chicken, you can rely on Seven Sons for quality products. Our chicken meat, bones and organs are available and ready for you to purchase today.