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Returning May 2020!

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"We have been a customer of Seven Sons for close to 10 years. Everything about Seven Sons is wonderful. We love the products they offer and know that we are not only eating healthy but also helping with sustainable farming. We got the chance to stop by the store last year and meet some of the staff. Wonderful experience. Thank you!"

- Paulita

"They delivered everything on time and packed super well- everything was still cold when I got home from work. Everything was packed as ordered and all the meat has been fantastic so far!

- Olivia Gravengaard

"This has been my first order at Seven Sons, my husband and I are going organic and I was worried about getting quality meat we could trust that was humane and followed what they said with actions. We were very impressed with the farm videos, the brothers explanations of how they farmed and the differences in terms like” grass finished” grass fed” ... I highly recommend Seven Sons, I plan on being a customer for many many many years ."

- Erin Barbera

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