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Pastured Chicken

Rotated Daily on Regenerative Pastures
✓ No Antibiotics or Drugs
✓ Fresh Pasture Daily
✓ Non-GMO Diet

Happier & Healthier Chickens

  • Fresh daily pasture provides each bird with a diverse diet of grass, legumes, wildflowers, and all the worms and bugs they can find.
  • Portable shelters provide spacious room for healthy exercise with plenty of access to shade, freshwater, and free choice non-GMO feed. 
  • We only partner with small-scale abattoirs who we can trust to maintain the same level of ethical care throughout the entire harvest process. 


Meet Your Chicken Farmers

We met David and Mariah when they chose to visit our farm several years ago to learn about our regenerative farming models. We're happy to say that they have successfully started their own regenerative farm and are now raising pastured chickens for Seven Sons.

"Our Farm's mission is to heal and restore the health and vitality of the land and to nourish the families who eat of its bounty."
- David & Mariah Boatright

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