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Pastured Chicken

Rotated Daily on Regenerative Pastures
✓ No Antibiotics or Drugs
✓ Fresh Pasture Daily
✓ Non-GMO Diet

Happier & Healthier Chickens

  • Fresh daily pasture provides each bird with a diverse diet of grass, legumes, wildflowers, and all the worms and bugs they can find.
  • Portable shelters provide spacious room for healthy exercise with plenty of access to shade, freshwater, and free choice non-GMO feed. 
  • We only partner with small-scale abattoirs who we can trust to maintain the same level of ethical care throughout the entire harvest process. 


Meet Your Chicken Farmers

We met David and Mariah when they chose to visit our farm several years ago to learn about our regenerative farming models. We're happy to say that they have successfully started their own regenerative farm and are now raising pastured chickens for Seven Sons.

"Our Farm's mission is to heal and restore the health and vitality of the land and to nourish the families who eat of its bounty."
- David & Mariah Boatright


Why did our chicken program change?

If you didn't know it already, the regenerative food movement is growing by leaps and bounds! This growth is a good thing for our food system as it has created opportunities for small farms to rise up and link arms to feed more people. 

For that reason, we are excited to begin a new partnership with David & Mariah Boatright as they are prepared and motivated to supply the ever-growing poultry needs of our customers at Seven Sons. 

As our customer base grows we also look forward to creating inclusive opportunities with farms right here in northeast Indiana who we've spent years mentoring and helping transition to regenerative practices.

While our poultry partnership is changing, rest assured that we are committed to upholding and improving our standards as we continue to grow!

Are the birds raised the same as before?

Yes, just as before, birds spend their first 2-3 weeks in a warm brooder before being moved outside to roam and forage on pasture. Our birds are also provided with free choice non-GMO feed and never receive drugs or antibiotics. We're also taking the opportunity to make our chicken even better! Read below... 

Why has the price increased?

As a family business, we never take price increases lightly as we know this directly affects the families we serve. As a business, we hold ourselves accountable to our customers to provide a thorough and transparent explanation for changes in pricing. 

#1 - We're increasing compensation for our farm partners
Changes to our poultry pricing are necessary in order to provide increased compensation to help our farm partners grow their operations while supporting the needs of their families. 

#2 - We're taking steps to make our pastured poultry even better
In addition to improved compensation for our partners, we're also taking this opportunity to improve quality by ensuring birds and shelters are rotated to fresh pasture daily. Transitioning to a fresh daily pasture protocol is a big step that requires 2-3 times the amount of on-farm labor. We do believe this increased cost is worth it for both the health of each bird as well as the long-term regeneration of the land. 

#3 - We're needing to cover additional overheads
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the small-scale poultry processors that we work with have been overwhelmed and have increased their cost to cover investments to meet demand. Pricing also reflects the need for us to help cover increased staff and infrastructure costs that we've incurred this year.

NOTE: We will be offering special introductory pricing starting July 19th extending into August.

Why is chicken breast more expensive than other cuts?

You will notice that certain cuts like breasts have gone up while some cuts are actually lower in price. This adjustment will help ensure we are able to sell the entire bird without selling out of items like chicken breast right away. Since we raise whole birds, the entire chicken must be sold at a balanced rate - wings included :)

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

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