Vernon & Joan Hochstetler

Schwarzerde Farm - LaGrange, Indiana

Meet Your Cattle Farmers

  • Vernon and Joan Hochstetler own Schwarzerde Farms in LaGrange, Indiana where they've raise pastured broiler chickens and Murrey Grey Seedstock cattle since 1989.
  • They view farming as a lifestyle second to none, especially since their manner of farming is improving nutrients cycles in the soils they own.
  • They grow a diverse blend of annual and perennial grasses which their cattle leisurely consume to create a delicious end product

Pics from the Farm


Farmer Q and A

Can you talk about the life cycle of an animal on your farm?

Most of the cattle on this farm consist of seedstock, so they tend to be around for several years. Finishing animals of course are less (2 yrs of age).

What production protocols do you follow?

We are 100% non-GMO, sprays or antibiotics, and we use minimal tillage.

In addition to pasture, what else are your animals supplemented with?

Good water, Apple Cider Vinegar, & Non GMO Mollasses at times. Salt & Minerals.

Can you describe any steps you take to proactively ensure the health of your animals?

We strive to create a healthy environment year round, and keep our cattle on growing forages as much as possible. We feed minerals as well as Apple Cider Vinegar to all growing animals in the stored forage seasons, and keep stress to a minimum.