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Our Big Vision

1,000 Farms | 20 Million Pounds | By 2023

Our Goal

To help 1,000 farms provide 20 million pounds of pasture-raised foods to consumers in North America by 2023.

Our Plan

We are grateful that Seven Sons continues to grow and experience tremendous support. We've learned so much since our journey began 20 years ago and it's now our desire to help other family farms across North America serve consumers in their own communities and regions.

Here are the actions we are taking to achieve this goal:


1. Exemplify

Seven Sons will remain steadfast in growing a mission-driven farm that inspires others to follow our footsteps. Because of your support, thousands of farms are watching what we do. We meet these farms at conferences, they call and email us, and some have traveled halfway around the world to visit us. We are humbled and we're setting out to turn this inspiration into action. 


2. Educate 

Seven Sons will continue to develop educational resources to teach regenerative farming methods. To date, our farm’s educational YouTube videos have received 3.8 million views and continue to receive over 27,000 views per month. Farmers are hungry for education and we are in the process of developing curriculum through our online course platform: GrazeU.com 


3. Equip 

Seven Sons will continue to provide vital tools needed to equip farms for success. Seven Sons has already pioneered innovative tools and technologies including our own e-commerce platform (GrazeCart.com) as well as pastured poultry equipment (HenGear.com). To date, these tools are actively used by well over 250 farms in over 5 countries. In the next 3 years, we will double down on our efforts to equip a total of 1,000 farms with our e-commerce platform.

Progress Report

Foods Provided


Total pounds of regenerative foods provided to consumers since 2016.

Farms Helped


Total farms we are actively working with to provide tools, support, and mentorship.

How is Progress Measured?

A little background... In 2013 we began the self-funded development of our own custom e-commerce platform that helps us connect with our customers. We began offering this same platform to fellow regenerative farms in 2016 and have since partnered with 250 farms. Through this e-commerce platform, we are able to monitor and track our progress towards the collective 20 million pound goal.

Since beginning our partnerships, you've helped us and other farms provide a combined total of 2.6 millions pounds of pasture-raised foods to consumers in North America. 

Thank you!

Are We Funded?

Nope... this is a 100% grassroots initiative. No venture funding, grants or donations have been used. The current progress is a testament to the support of our conscious consumers, the dedication of our team, and the profound work of the farms we're teaming with.

How Can You Help?

Keep doing what you are doing!

1. Vote with your food dollars

Wherever you live, vote with your food dollars by supporting regenerative farming practices. Know that by supporting Seven Sons and helping us grow, you are providing profits that we are re-purposing to create greater influence and shared opportunities. 

2. Don’t trust labels 

Instead, get to know the farm who you choose to support (a healthy dose of individual accountability is what our food system needs)! Support farms that exercise open doors to the public. 

3. Influence others

Just like you would with a trusted doctor or auto mechanic, spread the word about your personal farmer who you trust for providing nourishing food.

You’ve already helped us reach 2.6 million pounds of our goal. Thank you!

True to Our Values

How will we remain true to our values as our farm grows?

We have little interest in maintaining a stagnant impact when there's so much to be done. Currently, regenerative foods only represent a tiny fraction of the 600 billion pounds of food consumed annually in America.

Within 5 years, it is our goal at Seven Sons to double our impact by feeding 10,000 individual families and consumers in our region. You are sure to see many changes as we progress towards our bigger vision for impact. 

Inspired by our fellow farmer Joel Salatin, we’ve written a series of core guiding principles that we are publicly committing ourselves to. These core principles will help keep us on track with our mission. 

Read our Core Principles…

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