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Mobile Pasture-Raised Eggs

Watch our hen operation in action!

Below are SEVEN farm practices that set our eggs apart from other Pasture Raised brands

Seven Sons “Mobile Pasture-Raised” Eggs

1 : Our hens are moved to new pastures daily during the growing season.
2 : Due to daily pasture moves the hens have plenty of fresh grass & bugs to eat.
3 : During the growing season our hens live in small mobile hen coops of 1,000 hens each.
4 : Our Mobile Hen Coops do not have floors. Their bedding is the same fresh pasture as the outside.
5 : Our hens have 24/7 outdoor pasture access.
6 : Our hens are supplemented with only Verified Non-GMO grains.
7 : Through the use of mobile hen coops, our hens are on pasture 24/7 during the growing season.*

Traditional Pasture-Raised Eggs

1 : Hens can stay in same pasture area for entirety of lifetime.

2 : Due to over foraging & limited outdoor space, pastures are oftentimes sparse or barren.
3 : Hens can still be housed in large crowded barns of 20,000+ hens.

4 : Conventional flooring inside barns, bedding or slatted flooring. 

 5 : Hens are oftentimes closed inside houses at night.

6 : Hens can still be fed harmful GMO grains.

7 : Hens can oftentimes spend the majority of their lives inside the barn instead of foraging.


(850+) Five Star Reviews
Trusted by 7,000+ Families

"So glad we found Seven Sons. With all my allergies to chemicals in our foods-they are God sent. It's SO WONDERFUL to eat this food and not have any fears of getting sick. And these wonderful folks go all the way in making sure everything is how it SHOULD BE with our food...right on down to making sure the soil is healthy. Love these people and their blessed farm. Sincerely, Sara Grosso"
Steve Grosso
"Choosing to buy from Seven Sons is a decision I've happily made over and over again. Why? The quality of their pasture raised poultry, turkey, and eggs is consistently superior to the mass produced, feedlot products found at my local grocery stores..."
Rebecca Pullack
"Our family has been so happy with the quality of the food and service offered by Seven Sons. I feel good knowing the animals are ethically pasture-raised. It’s obvious through all of their communication how much they care about the people they work with, the animals, and their customers..."
Adrienne Jurado

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