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100% A2 Organic Grass-Fed Milk

Grazed On Rich Regenerative Soils
✓ Gently Pasteurized
✓ Certified Organic
✓ A2/A2 Tested
✓ Cream Topped

Why Should You Choose Our A2 Organic Grass-fed Milk?


Happier Cows

Experience the milk our great grandparents enjoyed from a time when cows lived healthy lives grazing rich regenerative pastures.

  • Grazed on rich soils in a low-stress pasture environment
  • Low-stress milking process with small-scale equipment  
  • Our cows maintain moderate milk production for longevity
  • Extra kindness allows our cows to live 2-3x longer lifespans

Healthier Milk

  • 100% grass-fed for higher Omega-3s & CLAs 
  • Regenerative grazing practices for healthier soils 
  • A2/A2 tested milk that's easier on digestion
  • Gently pasteurized to help preserve nutrients
  • Non-homogenization for a rich cream top milk
  • Cows never given GMOs, hormones, or drugs...ever

How to Get Our Milk

Available at our On-Farm Store

Visit us in Roanoke, IN


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Regional Delivery in Indiana and Chicago

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Micro-Dairy Partnership With 
Homestead Organic Farms - Shipshewana, IN

Customer Testimonials

It was smooth, creamy and delicious, and I feel good about giving it to my one year old son who just transitioned to milk.
Kate G.
We have bought organic, whole, grass fed milk from our grocery store for years, but your milk is on a whole different level. It is creamy, sweet, satiating, and just perfect. Thanks for taking this leap of faith into the milk world. I am a 100% convert that this is how milk should be.
Lisa M.
This milk exceeded my expectations. It had a great mouth feel, and reminded me of the milk I drank as a child.
Clay W.

Why Drink Grass-fed Organic Milk

  • As compared to conventional milk, grass fed milk from 100% grass-fed dairy cattle is higher in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, especially conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs).
  • These essential fatty acids are important for optimal brain health, eye health and cardiovascular health.
  • Animal welfare is important to us, and through this micro-dairy partnership we can attest to the care the dairy cows receive during milk production and throughout the grazing season.
  • Drinking whole milk is generally more filling and satisfying that fat free or reduced fat milks, and has been reported to be associated with lower overall calorie consumption.
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