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How Our Farm Brings You The Best Grass-fed Beef

[3 Part Video Series]

Humane Harvesting

Discover what it takes to ensure the integrity of your beef is maintained at every step of harvesting and processing. This matters not only for the humane care of the animal but it also affects the final quality of your beef.

(5:48 Minutes)

Reclaiming A Lost Art

It's a fact that some grass-fed beef is lean, tough and can have off-flavors. You can avoid this kind of experience by learning how a farmer's attention to stewardship can dramatically impact meat quality.

(3:30 Minutes)

Myths About Breeds

Learn why "prized" breeds like Certified Angus no longer delivers the consistent quality it once did. In this video, we expose the unintended consequences of industrial breeding and how it affects the welfare of the animal itself.

(3:19 Minutes)

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