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Fresh Egg Box
for Home Delivery

Eggs Delivered Safe & Fresh :)

The Freshest Pasture-Raised Eggs You Will Ever Eat

(Delivered to your doorstep safe and uncracked!)

"At Seven Sons, we're taking fresh to the next level. Each week we pack our freshest eggs in our specially designed Fresh Egg Boxes so they arrive safe and fresh at your doorstep."

How It Works

1 Gathered Fresh

Each week we hand-gather the freshest eggs from our hens within hours of being laid.

2 Packed With Care

Our weekly gathering of fresh eggs are then placed in extra-protective packaging for safe transport and delivery.

3 Delivered Safe & Fresh

Your fresh eggs arrive at your doorstep safe and fresh within just days of being laid :)

Packed With Extra Love

Egg Snugglers


Reusable "egg snugglers" offer protection from jostling and ensure your eggs arrive safe and unscrambled :)

Cushioned Boxes


Eggs for home delivery are packed inside our cushioned boxes providing extra space and protection during transport to your home.

Order Your Box

3.5 Dozen 3.5 Dozen Fresh Egg Bundle (Laid within 7 days)
3.5 Dozen Fresh Egg Bundle (Laid within 7 days)
Packed with Extra Love!
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3.5 Dozen 3.5 Dozen Fresh Egg Box (Laid within 7 days)
3.5 Dozen Fresh Egg Box (Laid within 7 days)
Packed with Extra Love!
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Why are the Fresh Egg Boxes more expensive?

Our new Fresh Egg Boxes feature extra protective cushions AND are now delivered in separate boxes to avoid cracking and freezing during transport. 

Because all eggs are now safely handled and delivered in a separate parcel (instead of being packed with your meat order) means we incur added delivery charges.

Please read below to learn about the extra benefits of the new Fresh Egg Box.

Why did we develop the Fresh Egg Box?

We've learned that delivering something as fragile as eggs to your front door is a very tricky feat due to jostling and temperature sensitivity.

Here are the problems we experienced:

  • Eggs arriving cracked from jostling during transport.
  • Eggs arriving frozen and cracked due to cold winter temperatures. 
  • Eggs arriving frozen and cracked due to dry ice used to keep your meat products safe. 

We've worked diligently to find an easy solution to these issues but unfortunately, we continued to receive emails and calls each week regarding lots of cracked eggs and we feel really bad about this :(

Our path forward was to either discontinue offering eggs for home delivery or find an innovative solution. 

As a result, we've developed our new Fresh Egg Boxes featuring special packaging to help ensure your eggs arrive safe, fresh, unfrozen and uncracked!

What are the benefits of our new Fresh Egg Box?

  • Our new Egg Snugglers™ and extra protective boxes keep your eggs from jostling and cracking during transport.
  • Fresh Egg Boxes are now handled and delivered in a separate parcel to ensure your eggs do not come in close proximity to the dry ice that keeps your meat nice and cold. 
  • Because we prepare your Fresh Egg Boxes at the beginning of each week, we are able to ensure that you receive eggs within a couple of days of being gathered (Supermarket eggs can be up to 30-60+ days old before you consume them).
  • Separating your meat and eggs during transport means we can keep your meat even colder without freezing your eggs!

How can you buy our eggs at a lower cost?

To help keep your cost as low as possible, we encourage you to order your eggs in bulk quantities as this better leverages the cost of delivery. Keep in mind that because these eggs are ultra-fresh (only a few days old) they can be safely stored for up to 8+ weeks. 

And don't forget... if you are close enough to our farm or pickup locations you can get our eggs at a further reduced price. 

Do we guarantee safe delivery?

Here's the deal, eggs are fragile and even though we are sure to pack them with extra love, we've decided to take precautions a step further. In this egg box, we are selling 42 eggs (3.5 dozen), but you will receive 48 eggs, just in case any break. This is further explained, in the packaging video above :)