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Farm Fest

An annual celebration at the Farm

Join us Sept. 11, 2021 for a day of FOOD, FUN and FRIENDS at the farm!

Come and experience a fun day on the farm and see first-hand
where your food is raised!

Farm Fest Video Highlight!

2019 Farm Fest Pictures 📷

Farm Fest Reviews

#farmfest2019 well worth the trip! So fun! Love these people, their mission, and their Fall Spirit!
Katie G.
What a fabulous event! Thanks Jeff P. for the invite! Love everything about this farm. ❤️
Lannett B.
Went for their festival and had fun and learned about their farming practices! Didn't realize how much farming had changed in the past fifty years!
John S.
We had an amazing time. This will definitely become a family tradition!
Molly L.
My family had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing your family with us!💜
Sara R.
Fabulous farm, family and mission! Xoxo
Lannette B.

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