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100% Grassfed PET Grind (Perfect Treat or Topper)

100% Grassfed PET Grind (Perfect Treat or Topper)

1lb / pkg
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** Available for Limited Time **

A pure blend of 80/20 ground beef made from our humanely raised 100% grassfed beef with no fillers, dyes, or preservatives. Makes the perfect topper, treat, or ingredient for raw pet feeders. 

Give your pet a real treat while our supplies last!

How does our PET Grind differ from our regular ground beef?

This product is made from our same 80/20 ground beef, however, it was ground at a courser consistency making for a slightly chunkier texture. 

This was actually a test batch of ground beef that ultimately didn't meet our processing standards for consistency and texture. Rather than letting this go to waste, we're making it available as the perfect nutrient-dense treat that your pet will love. 

This product is USDA inspected and approved.

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